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<aside> 👉 The Chain is a great way to get involved in Miami’s Web3 Community. Join 200+ Web3 professionals and receive weekly updates on upcoming events, private web3 dinners & more in Miami. Sign Up Here or text (305) 871-9262.


🚀🚀🚀 Upcoming Dinner Club

Sign up for March’s Dinner Club HERE.

Intimate, monthly potluck dinners that bring our local web3 community together.

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How The Chain Started


One day, I tweeted this out to get a feel for who in Miami is in Web3. I then noticed that there’s an untapped local community of web3 professionals and no go-to resource for web3 events happening in Miami. & let's be real. Most of us only promote our own events on Telegram and Twitter, making it hard to genuinely discover new frens & community. (I’m guilty lol)

I then decided to launch The Chain a texting community to inform the community about upcoming web3 events in Miami during the summer. Since then, we’ve grown to 150+ community members simply through word of mouth. After receiving positive feedback from the community I decided to keep this going and I reached out to a group of my talented friends to help. A special thank you to **Anna, Hunter, Ryan, Jose & Eddie** who will be helping me run The Chain moving forward 👋.

Stay up to date with the events, dinners in Miami and more.

-Monica Rojas (@LaMoniRojas)

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😋 Favorite Local Spots

Bonus! Here’s a few of our favorite spots in Miami.

Share with your friends at Art Basel. Are we missing a spot? send us a DM on Twitter @TheChain_Miami

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☕️ Coffee Shops

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Let’s Connect!

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